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Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid controls India Pvt. Ltd., is a fully owned subsidiary of ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Germany who are the world leaders in the fields of Dosing pumps, Controllers, Ozone Generators and Allied Equipments.
ProMinent has been in India from 1986 in the form of a Joint Venture Company. In the year 1997 ProMinent started its own subsidiary in an effort to be able to transfer the latest technology to the Indian market and to be able to invest more in the Indian operations. Heidelberg ProMinent is now the leader in its field in India with exports to many countries.
The ProMinent range in India includes the following products:
Electronic Dosing Pumps upto a capacity of 6O11hr.
Motorised Diaphragm Metering Pumps for higher capacities and Plunger pumps for high pressure dosing.
Sensors and Controllers for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Chlorine, Ozone, etc.
Ozone and Chlorine dioxide Generators.
Water treatment systems including Filters, Softeners, Demineralisation Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, etc.
ProMinent Electronic Dosing Pumps represent the state of the art technology and have inbuilt features for automatic control. These pumps can be offered with wetted parts in different materials to suit any chemical. These pumps can also be offered with ProMinent Controllers to form a close loop system for accurate control of parameters like pH, chlorine, etc. These are available upto a capacity of 6011hr.

ProMinent Motorised Metering Pumps are available in diaphragm and plunger versions. These are compact, reliable and highly efficient. They are available upto a capacity of 6000Vhr and also upto a back pressure of 320 bar.

The Dosing Pumps manufactured by ProMinent in India are of international standards and are Exported to countries like Australia, Burma, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, U.S.A., etc.

The sensors and controllers offered by ProMinent are available for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone, Perox, Bromine, Oxygen, etc. They play an important role in monitoring and maintaining the required levels of these parameters in water.

ProMinent has been the first to introduce Ozone and Chlorine dioxide in the Indian Market. These are powerful disinfectants used in water treatment and do not have the negative qualities of Chlorine. ProMinent have supplied their Ozone and Chlorine dioxide Generators to prestigious installations in India. The water treatment systems offered by ProMinent are also of international quality and incorporate the state of the art technology. ProMinent has all the type of equipments used in water treatment in its range and therefore can offer a complete solution.

ProMinent with its wide range of products can offer a custom built solution to suit any requirement in chemical dosing, flow control or water treatment.
Marketing Network
The corporate office and works of Heidelberg ProMinent are located at Bangalore. The works in Bangalore is equipped with state of the art facilities needed to produce global quality products.

ProMinent has its own offices at Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, in addition to dealers in other important cities. ProMinent is able to offer prompt and efficient service to customers all over India with this network.

ProMinent products are exported to many countries from India. ProMinent has agents at Burma, Sri Lanka and other countries.

The products manufactured by Heidelberg ProMinent in India conform to international quality standards. The quality levels are maintained strictly in accordance with the standards laid out by ProMinent, Germany.

The products manufactured in India are exported to group companies and other customers in countries like Australia, Burma, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan Thailand, U.S.A, etc.

ProMinent, Germany invests heavily in research and development as a result of which it is the global leader in its field and remains way ahead in terms of technical innovations. The benefits of these technological developments are passed on to ProMinent India, which in turn benefits the Indian Industry.

ProMinent, India also makes continuous efforts in the field of research and development and has brought about various innovations to suit the specific needs of the Indian market. The wide ranges of ProMinent products further enhance their ability to cater to different types of requirements.
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