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Chemical Industry


Chemical Industry

Demands of chemical industries as to process safety and environmental protection are increasing constantly. As reliable partner in this branch we can individually offer the correct solutions.

Process metering pumps of our Orlita series MfS, MhS, PS and DR are predesigned for the controlled addition of especially critical media in chemical process technology. Often, fluids with the following characteristics are dosed:

  • Inflammable
  • Toxic
  • Charged with solids
  • Precious

Advantages of our Process Metering Pumps

  • High operation safety and availability
  • Very accurate dosing thanks to characteristic which is rigid in compression
  • Long lifetime of diaphram/plunger
  • Air tight dosing unit (series MfS, MhS)
  • Self-priming even at high suction lift
Process Step ProMinent Products and Systems

Polymer production

Dosing of vinyl acetate

Metal-Diaphragm-Metering Pump,

Type MhS Pressure range 150 bar

Dosing of methyl methacrylate

PTFE-Diaphragm-Metering Pump,

Type MfS Pressure range 400 bar 

Dosing of vinyl chloride

PTFE-Diaphragm-Metering Pump,

Type MfS Pressure range 5 bar 

Peroxide-catalyst-dosing during

polyethylene production

Metal-Diaphragm-Metering Pump,

Type MhS Pressur range 3000 bar

Chemical Production in General

Dosing of urea suspension

Metering pump, Type DR15

Dosing of water+acetone+phenol

Metering pump, Type MfS 15 (according to API 675)

Dosing of ammonia/amines

Metering pump, Type MhS 15 (400 bar)

Dosing of fluid bromine

Metering pump, Type MfS 15

Dosing of methanol

Metering pump, Type MfS 30 (according to API 675)

Dosing of liquid gas

Metering pump, Type MhS 15 (Tem. -40°C)

Dosing of liquid CO2:

Metering pump, Type MhS 80 (at 1 000 bar)

Laboratory Applications

Dosing of water+toluene+cyclohexane

Metering pump, Type MhS 15

Dosing of heptane

Metering pump, Type MhS 15 (at 60 bar)

Dosing of highly abrasive suspensions

Metering pump, Type DR15