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Water Treatment


Water Treatment

ProMinent Softening and Demineralisation Plants

About Demineralisation

Technical Specifications:

Special Features

  • Custom made design
  • Use of high quality resins - State of the art technology - Easy to install & operat
  • Excellent performance since all the components and accessories including valves, Dosing Pumps and Controllers are manufactured by ProMinent.
  • To satisfy any type of process requirement, a complete package including ProMinent Dosing Pumps, Sensors, Controllers, Ozone generators etc., all manufactured by ProMinent, can be offered.

Operating Parameters

  • Operating pressure - 2.5-4.5 bar
  • Operating temperature - ambient

Material of construction

  • Vessel - FRP / mild steel epoxy coated
  • Regenerant tanks - FRP / mild steel rubber lined
  • Valves - PVC / cast iron rubber lined
  • Ejector - PP / mild steel epoxy coated
  • Piping - PVC/HDPE/mild steel rubber lined

Treated water quality

  • Soft water
  • pH - same as feed water.
  • Total hardness - Commercial nil (less than 5 ppm as CaCO3)
  • Demineralised water Conductivity less than 1 _s /cm Silica less than 20 ppb
  • pH - 6.6 to 7.2

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