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About Dosing Pumps

ProMinent Electronic Dosing Pumps Type Concept CC3 and B are available in 16 models and upto a capacity of 60 I/hr. The ProMinent Electronic Dosing pumps are solenoid driven and controlled electronically by a PCB. The only moving part in the pump is the solenoid armature which has a maximum movement of 1.25 mm only, and therefore the pump is virtually maintenance free.

The Developan diaphragm of the spump is made of high quality fabric reinforced EPDM with moulded in steel core and coating of teflon on the media contacted side.

The Housings of the Concept CC3 pumps are made of Noryl plastic and for the B pumps the housings are made of die-cast Aluminium with chemical resistant coating.

ProMinent CC3 The Concept CC3 and B pumps have the facility for accepting pulse or 0/4-20mA signals for automatic control of dosing.These pumps also have the in built feature for low level indication in the Dosing Tank through a tank level switch.

Double ball valves on the suction and discharge side ensure maximum accuracy.

The liquid ends of the Concept CC3 and B pumps can be offered in Acrylic (N), PVC (P), Polypropylene (PP), Teflon (T) or Stainless Steel (S).

To select a suitable pump the following information is required
Chemical to be dosed  
Capacity in litres/hour  
Back pressure  
ProMinent Electronic Dosing pumps offer high technology based and proven solutions to any dosing requirement.
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