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Motorised Metering Pumps


ProMinent Plasma Motorised Metering Pumps

ProMinent Plasma Motorised Metering Pumps are compact, consume less power, offer high accuracy and reflect the high quality standards of ProMinent Metering Pumps.

ProMinent Plasma Diaphragm Pumps are available upto a capacity of 400 I/hr. These pumps are available in twelve different capacities.

About ProMinent Plasma Motorised Metering Pumps

Working Principle underlying ProMinent (regtd) diaphragm dosing pump

The DEVELOPAN diaphragm of the Pump is made of high quality fabric reinformed EPDM with moulded in steel core and the media contacted side is coated with Teflon.

The Pumps use worm gear reduction and the capacity of the motors used is 0.18 or 0.37 kW depending on the model. These are suitable for a power supply of 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 cis and can also be offered to suit other specifications.

The liquid ends can be offered in PVC(P), Poly Propylene (PP), Stainless Steel (S) or Teflon (T) depending upon the chemical.

The Pumps can be offered with motor speed controllers or servo controllers for stroke length adjustment wherever automatic control is needed.

Accessories like Pressure Relief Valve, Pulsation Dampner, Dosing Tank etc., can be offered with the Pump, as per the requirements.

Following information is needed to select a Metering Pump for an application:-

  • Chemical to be dosed
  • Capacity in litres / hour
  • Back Pressure

ProMinent Plasma Pumps offer a highly reliable and proven solution for any metering requirement.

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