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Metering Systems Ultromat®

The Ultromat® series are fitted as a standard control unit. Unit names then change. Ultromat ® systems have been designed specially for the production of stock solutions and process solutions of synthetic polyelectrolytes and have been well proven in the field.


There are 3 different system concepts available:

  • Continuous flow system (identcode ULFa with a discharge volume of up to 8,000 l/h)
  • Two-chamber batch system (identcode ULPa with a discharge volume of up to 4,000 l/h)
  • Double-deck system (identcode ULDa with a discharge volume of up to 2,000 l/h)

The systems can now be controlled by a touch screen and have integral process visualisation. The speed of the dry feeder or liquid concentrate pumps used can be controlled to save energy by means of a frequency converter.

The following functions are included as standard:

  • Control S7-1200 + Touch panel KTP 400
  • Pressure sensor to measuring the filling level
  • Pause function/operating alert
  • Monitoring of dilution unit
  • Lifting lugs for transportation
  • Socket for feed unit FG205 (only if the dry feeder is selected)