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Water Treatment


Water Treatment

Water disinfection represents one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Not only for drinking water disinfection, but also for the disinfection of process water and product water in industrial applications, cooling water and swimming pool water. It is for just this purpose that ProMaqua offers one stop Smart Disinfection: from initial consultation through to operation.

As one of just a few suppliers in the world to do so, ProMaqua offers not only desalination and membrane filtration but also the full range of oxidation and disinfection services as well as the planning of turnkey optimum technology deployment.

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and reliable
All components and systems are perfectly matched to each other to ensure safe water treatment and disinfection that has minimal impact on man and the environment. To disinfect different water types there are a range of different processes and technologies available. Which method is the correct method for which application, depends on application specific parameters.

Water disinfection processes

Chlorine dioxide
This extremely reactive gas is suitable for chlorine-free, effective disinfection
Stronger effect than chlorine
Effect independent of water pH value
Can break down biofilms and prevent legionella attacks
Provides long-lasting microbacterial protection through depot effect
Acts without forming chlorinated by-products
Strongest permitted oxidation and disinfectant agent
Produces no undesirable side products and decomposes to oxygen
Also suitable for chemical-free iron removal/manganese removal
Also suitable for removal of arsenic and pesticide residues
Chemical-free disinfection by use of short-wave UV radiation
Safely kills germs without affecting the water quality
Provides reliable protection against parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
German Gas and Water Association (DVGW) certified performance
Safe disinfection using sodium hypochlorite (sodium-calcium hypochlorite)
ECA water
Safe disinfection using hypochlorous acid
Protection against corrosion due to low chlorine content
Chemical-free and safe removal of turbidity, bacteria and viruses with constant filtrate quality independent of the raw water turbidity
Very high retention rates for bacteria with removal of 99.999% (calculated for MS2 phages) and viruses, 99.99%.